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WILLTEC was created by professionals who have been working in the area of property security for more than 8 years, providing equipment that guarantees maximum safety to our customers. By providing anti-vandalism armored products, working in large construction companies, condominiums, residences, shops, banks, etc.

The purpose of WILL TEC is to provide artifacts that solve any security-related problem, not only by signaling the invasion or possible attacks, but also by preventing their access long enough so further actions can be taken to solve the problem.

1. Doors.
We work with guardhouse doors; pivoting doors with fine finish (stainless steel, brushed steel, with details in high resistance glass, etc).

2. Glass and frames
Since the closing of balconies, facades in general, our windows are laminated, that is, resistant to vandalism in general.

3. Transactional drawers avoiding direct contact between professionals.

4. Panels for wall coverings in general.

5. People access controls, from simple roulette wheels, vehicle gates, tourniquet gate, spike strip.

Our products are made according to the need of our customers. They are studied individually by our designers and engineers for total satisfaction.

We serve all of Brazil, through authorized representatives.

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