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We are the main choice of specialists:

Brookfield Incorporações
Queiroz Galvão
Carmargo Corrêa
"Willtec can provide great quality and service at low prices."
Paulo Eduardo da Silva

Paulo Eduardo da Silva
Construction superintendent
Brookfield Incorporações S.A.

Who can benefit
from our product?



Construction companies


Our products that
guarantee your safety:

Armored guardhouses

Protect your condominium, business or residence
with cutting edge armored guardhouses.

These are some armored guardhouse constructed by Willtec.

Significant increase in safety

According to experts, much of the security of a condominium is guaranteed if the gate keeper is in an armored guardhouse.

Save money and time

In most cases we can adapt your current guardhouse.

All solutions from a single supplier

We take care of the initial design of your booth up to the installation and maintenance. Have the convenience of solving everything with a single supplier.

We create solutions for any problem

Choose from a range of pre-assembled designs to fully customized solutions.

Security consulting

We make a thorough evaluation of the location of your construction site to ensure that the project offers the maximum possible safety. No flaws nor weaknesses.

5 year warranty

5 year warranty 100% of your armored guardhouse has our 5 year warranty.

All of this is already included in your guardhouse

  • Security locks
  • Exhaust system
  • Air conditioning structure
  • Intercoms
  • Transaction drawers
  • Several other security items
"WillTec is a serious company that delivers what it promises regarding the quality of its products, deadlines and technical assistance. I recommend."

Wagner Fernando da Silva
Executive Manager
Camargo Corrêa

Talk now to our experts in
security and receive a detailed price
estimate for your guardhouse.
Menor preço do Brasil garantido

Armored doors

Professional security against guns and break-ins
for homes and businesses

These are real photos of some armored doors that we have created

Safety without giving up beauty

On the outside, your door will look exactly like an ordinary door.

The big difference is in the inner part, where you will have an armored lining capable of resisting break-ins and shots.

Porta Blindada 1 Shielding
Porta Blindada 2

Keys and locks
are also special

To further enhance your safety, you have a highly resistant multi-pin lock.

Your key is also special, impossible to be copied by a regular locksmith if stolen.

And our gift to you: closing a deal in the next few days, you will receive, for free, 7 extra copies of your key.

Quick and discreet installation.
Leave it all to us.

Our specialized staff will install your door in your residence or business.

They are trained to perform the service in the shortest time possible and with the utmost discretion. Thus, we guarantee your tranquility and secrecy.

Porta Blindada 3
Porta Blindada 4

5 year warranty

Your door has total warranty for 5 years without paying anything else

Guaranteed safety.
Without unpleasant surprises.

"All my demands were met and WillTec did everything I asked for. The staff that worked in my apartment was very trusting and respectful."

Junia Valle
Belo Horizonte / MG

Talk now to our experts in
security and receive
a detailed price estimate
for your door.
Menor preço garantido do Brasil.
Peça agora e ganhe 7 cópias da chave gratuitamente.

Bulletproof Glass

New bulletproof windows can be installed in any
environment. From residences to building facades.

Resistance guaranteed


Vidro Blindado 1

Resistance guaranteed against stones, impacts from cutting weapons and other acts of vandalism.


Vidro Blindado 2

Choose from our shielding levels to protect your window from various types of weapons.


Vidro Blindado 3

One of the biggest risks of glass environments is shrapnel generated by blows or shots. Our armored windows are specially made to avoid shattering.

The various layers of security
from WillTec's armored:

Camadas de segurança do vidro blindado WillTec

Do you want a smoked glass? Do you prefer transparent?
We'll do whatever you want.

Our shielding can be applied to any kind of visual glass.

From transparent glass to dark smoked glass.

Camadas de segurança do vidro blindado WillTec 2
"WillTec has served us very well, regarding fast feedbacks, good service and good prices."

Tatiany Machado

Talk to our specialists and
receive a detailed price
estimate for your glass.
We serve all over Brazil

Looking for something different?

Do you need a shield that does not fit into any of the descriptions above?

Projeto Personalizado

No problem!
Most likely we will be able to serve you with a customized design.

Just get in touch with us and let us what you need.

Choose the ideal shield type
for your need

WillTec offers 4 types of shielding for all products. Each type has a different resistance level.

You will have the freedom to choose, with the help of a dedicated specialist, the one that best suits your needs. It is our guarantee that you will get the security you need without spending one more cent than necessary.

Level Gun Kind / Munitionn
I Revólver 22 LRHV Lead Revolver 22 LRHV Lead
Revólver 38 Special RN Lead Revolver 38 Special RN Lead
II Revólver 357 Magnum JSP Revolver 357 Magnum JSP
Pistola 9mm FMJ Pistol 9mm FMJ
III-A Revólver 44 Magnum Lead SWC Gas Checked Revolver 44 Magnum Lead SWC Gas Checked
Submetralhadora 9mm FMJ Submachine gun 9mm FMJ
III Fuzil FAL 7,62 OTAN-FMJ (.308 Winchester) Rifle FAL 7,62 OTAN-FMJ (.308 Winchester)

FMJ - Full Metal Jacket, JSP - Jacketed Soft Point, LRHV - Long Rifle High Velocity, RN - Round Nose, SWC - Semi Wadcutter, g - Gram, gr - Grain

The shielding of all our products
is tested by CBC,
which stands for Brazilian Cartridge company.

Selo Exercito

The Brazilian Cartridge Company (CBC) is the main munitions and weapons factory in Brazil. Our products are rigorously tested with the exact same weaponry that is on our streets.


Only at WillTec you will have these
exclusive guarantees:

Menor preço do Brasil garantido

We cover any offer from Brazil

We are committed to cover any price estimate in Brazil that has the same specifications as ours. Here you will pay the lowest price in the market, you can count on that.

5 anos de Garantia

5 year warranty on any product

All of our products will always have 5 years of total guarantee. We trust our quality and we back it up by having such extended guarantees.

The specialists
in security say:

"Criminals are always on the lookout for the easiest targets."

Shield interest level
in Brazil:


The acquisition of armored security in Brazil has increased considerably over the years.
Are you sure you want to be left behind?

Increase now
the security of your family and your assets

The best price in Brazil. Guaranteed.

Safety without sacrificing beauty: fully customizable doors and glasses..

Certifications from the Brazilian Army and CREA.

5 year warranty on all products.